Hi! I’m Arvind Kunday and I like building new things.

I offer free time to startups who need help in Machine Learning, Big Data, Devops, and Customer Experience. Book in Calendly.

I’m a Staff Engineer, working on Zendesk Sunshine, with the goal of building an open and flexible CRM platform. It’s designed to be AWS native and allows you to connect our platform to your aws services like Kinect natively with minimal effort. Before this, I was part of the core team that build Answer Bot and led the product to the first revenue generating Machine Learning (AI) product at Zendesk.

Prior to this, I did DevOps and re-architecting a beautiful rails monolith into a cob web of micro services at realestate.com.au. I also dabbled with perl just so I could retire a 25 year old service. I worked with an amazing team to DCLO the primary data store to AWS with a net total of 120 second downtime.

I started my career with consulting at ThoughtWorks on a range of clients small and big. I mentored Software Engineers on Continuous Integration, Delivery and Test Driven Development. I worked with Ruby, Rails and Java mostly, along with occasional Objective-C when Apple AppStore just launched.

I write in Medium and Twitter.